Posted on May 11, 2020

Hannah Williams /Remax Eastern inc

MY Real Estate world is Red I am waiting for it to turn Yellow. Pennsylvania is one of the only states Real Estate is not considered essential. The Real Estate Industry closed down March 18, 2020, We as agents have been allowed to apply for unemployment. What a shock it was. Applying for unemployment is a first as we are considered independent contractors and have never been able to do this before but never in the history of this country have we been hit with a pandemic of this size. For safety and health 8, 2020. It is very frustrating for many of us as we have clients calling asking when and why they cannot buy or sell Real Estate. I do have clients telling me there are people showing houses and I tell them well not me it is against the law and you will be breaking the law also. Hold tight I tell them. It will be just a few more weeks issues we are under quarantine.

The Governor has just open part of the state. He is doing this in sections to see how it works. He is hoping that the COVID19 does not spread. The last news we received was that Philadelphia Real Estate our section of the state would open up possibly around June you waited all this time it is best to wait when RE opens They tell me they trust my judgment. These are the clients I want to work with. In times like this, we must choose who your clients are. I am very grateful for such wonderful loyal clients.

June 8, 2020, does not seem so far away although some days I am not sure what day it is. ....
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